Travel Insurance

We save all year to see our favorite bands. Unfortunately, mishaps happen every day that could affect your vacation and winter storms roll in making it difficult to get there.

We also realize that anything can happen while away from home. It's so important to safeguard travel investments from the unexpected and give yourself peace of mind when traveling.

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Because of the unique nature of our events and the strict cancellation policies of Dominican Holidaze, LLC, we strongly urge our guests to purchase travel insurance. You may purchase insurance while placing your reservation online or by calling a Travel Team representative. 

ITravelInsured specializes in providing quality coverage, superior customer care and claim service to our guests. When you add Travel Insurance to your trip, you protect yourself from your policy's effective date through your return home and includes coverage for trip cancellation, trip delay, baggage issues and medical coverage while attending Dominican Holidaze. 

For more details on ITravel's Coverage terms you can check out the SE Travel Brochure HERE. For any questions regarding coverage terms, ITravelInsured can be reached at (866) 368-3724. Just inform them that you are attending a Cloud 9 Adventure called "Dominican Holidaze". 

How Coverage Works:

  • Policies are per person and offer medical coverage and trip cost coverage for one person's portion of a reservation.
  • You MUST be medically able to travel on the date that coverage is purchased
  • For pre-existing conditions to be covered you MUST purchase full trip coverage within 20 days of making your initial deposit and be medically able to travel at the time of purchase. Other restrictions may apply. Contact ITravel Insured with any questions.
  • If you have a reservation for two people, you will want to purchase two policies (one for you and one for your guest) to be fully covered. A reservation for four people would require four policies for each guest.
  • If you will be traveling alone, but want to be fully covered you will want to purchase one policy in your name HERE.
  • If only one guest wants to purchase a policy in the reservation- no problem, but be mindful that coverage would only apply to their per person cost of the reservation.
  • Insurance policies are non-refundable and non-transferrable.


Maintaining your Insurance Policies:

If you purchase a policy with a trip cost that DOES NOT include your add ons, you can increase your policy coverage as you add extra nights or ground transportation by contacting iTravel Insured. It is your responsibility to be sure you have purchased a policy that completely covers your portion of the reservation.

DISCLAIMER: Any coverage information provided is intended to be a general outline of the benefits under the iTravelInsured travel insurance programs. It is not a guarantee of coverage. The terms and conditions of the insurance certificate apply. Final coverage determination cannot be made until a claim is received by us along with all appropriate documentation.