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Dominican Holidaze is the ultimate vacation for fans of Umphrey's McGee, the Disco Biscuits, and STS9, as each band plays THREE shows. GRiZ, Joe Russo's Almost Dead, Lotus, The Motet, TAUK, Spafford, SunSquabi, and Wolf + Lamb will join our adventure and take the experience to the next level. Enjoy the unparalleled feeling of sinking your toes in the sand & sipping a tropical cocktail while watching your favorite bands crush it on the Main Stage. The Main Stage is located on the beach, aligned with the beautiful coastline so you can dance in the sand with the ocean by your side.

Dominican Holidaze 2017 Features:

  • Umphrey’s McGee: Performing 2 FULL, 2 SET SHOWS plus an additional sunset show
  • STS9: Performing 2 FULL, 2 SET SHOWS plus an additional sunset show
  • the Disco Biscuits: Performing 2 FULL, 2 SET SHOWS plus an additional sunset show
  • GRiZ: Performing 1 show on the Main Stage and 1 Poolside Bangers DJ set
  • Joe Russo's Almost Dead, Lotus, The Motet : All performing 1 show on the Main Stage
  • TAUK, Spafford, SunSquabi: All performing 1 Late Night show
  • Wolf + Lamb: Performing 1 Poolside show and 1 Late Night show
  • Brendan Bayliss Poolside Set
  • DJ Naysayers Poolside Set (Drew Sayers of The Motet)